Heim Joints, The good and bad.

Posted by Ryan chapman on

Heim Joint. if you’re talking about a hardcore racing application or custom suspension set up, You’re definitely going to be looking at some type of rod end or heim joint. They are incredibly strong. Made of Chromoly steel, fully adjustable and have a stainless steel ball inside that abrogated by a Teflon liner. Engineers designed them for the maximum amount of articulation and the maximum amount of abuse.

The downfall to the rod joint is you will feel all the vibration in the suspension up into the passenger compartment. Not an issue for a buggy or race car but for something you’re going to drive every day, that can become quite annoying. A way to combat against the vibrations is to install a poly bushing in one end of your link bar. This will decrease vibrations but will also increase the amount of movement in the link. 

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